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vivariva #69

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News and events

As recalled previously, through the years Riva Historical Society has seen many friendships born between members of different nations, friendships the pandemic has not affected, indeed. And so we have received many requests for news.

We are well, at the end of June we have met many of you in Venice, with the city even more magical because half empty. We hope to meet you at the next events and still want to invent new things.

So, after the history of motorboating “The Speed on the Water”, the instalments of which will go on on many issues of vivariva, on issue 71 I have started the history of the Celli Yard, a historic Italian shipyard to which motorboating owes a lot.

The scarce improvemet of the pandemic obliged us to reschedule the Riva Days Geneva again. But 2022 will be the 150th anniversary of the Société Nautique Geneva, in addition to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Carlo Riva and various other anniversaries, therefore we are sure that the event will only gain from this postponement.

You will find some updates in the page of events. More information

Riva Historical Society

The Riva Historical Society is a non profit amateur sports and cultural association, federation of Riva Clubs and Riva Societies, recognized by CONI and recognized by the Riva Yard.

The Riva Historical Society was created at the end of 1998. This non profit organisation was founded by Engineer Carlo Riva, B.A. and Architect Piero Maria Gibellini, B.A. (biographer of Carlo Riva and creator in 1996 of the Riva Historical Registry) with a group of admirers of the legendary figure of the Pioneer of Boating. About Riva Historical Society...