vivariva #50

At #50 “vivariva” changes: a new format and an increasing variety of subjects for the steadily increasing number of readers. We are proud of this and thank the members who keep sending new contents. vivariva magazines


June 27 - 30

The Riva Days 2016 celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Junior in Sarnico. The Juniors will have a particular acknowledgement, but the celebrations will involve all participants.

From around the world, at that time, visitors will arrive, to admire “The Floating Piers” of famous artist Christo, an installation on the lake that will only last two weeks. We will be there to visit it. More information

Riva Historical Society

Riva Historical Society is a non profit sports and cultural association, recognized by the Riva yard as the federation of the non profit Riva clubs and societies.

It was founded at the end of 1998 by Architect Piero Maria Gibellini along with Ingegnere Carlo Riva and a group of friends, admirers of the legendary figure of the Ingegnere. About Riva Historical Society...