RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


This is an outboard boat which was called model AV drawing # 43 in 1950, and was offered with a choice of engines, both as regards brand and power. From 1953 it was only available with the Evinrude 25 Hp. It is typified by the hull bottom which extends beyond the transom and by a control box designed by Carlo Riva. The windscreen was of plastic without a rim, the dashboard covered in dark green vinyl and the wheel, of Fiat derivation, had the print of the three little sailors in the centre. It has two rows of seats made of mahogany slats, as is the cockpit sole. The stern is undecked and the toolbox is behind the second row of seats. A wrap-around windscreen, still without a rim, was fitted to the 1955 series.