RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


The Corsaro derives from a 1946 design. Named AR, it became Corsaro in 1953. 4,80m long when first built, its dimensions were modified over the years. Although very good looking, its sportiness limited its appeal. It has only one row of seats which cannot be folded down and lacks a protected sunbathing area. Thus it is only suitable for the fast movement of two people. In 1955 it was lengthened again, to 5.65 m, and its power increased to 158 Hp in an attempt to accentuate its sporting image. It has a two-spoke wheel and seat rimmed with green Vipla with green tartan Saran.

The dashboard, originally screen printed with horizontal lines, became, as with the other models, mottled grey Formica with additional instruments fitted. It was also equipped with all the innovations made to the other models (steering box, propeller shaft, screws and the use of adhesives in the sides). The windscreen, too, formerly in two parts, became a single piece in the last series.