RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


Introduced in 1966 to replace the Florida. Conceived for utility use and ease of maintenance, both for fishing and water skiing, it was typified by a large cockpit that could be walked round, protected by the bulwarks, around the engine cover and driving seat. The sides and transom were painted white for easy maintenance and the style winked at the USA fashion for ''utilities''. The design of the transom, also used for the Olympic, had the purpose of protecting the passengers from spray from the stern. The upholstery was turquoise and white and was also used to cover the dashboard.

It was launched with the slogan ''It's the young people's rocket''. The instruments were again SW/Chris-Craft. The cockpit was also equipped along its sides by a large mahogany grab rail with an elaborate front stay of chrome plated bronze incorporating the engine air intakes. In 1967 the hull was lengthened from # 125 and the bottom cross-sections changed from # 129. VDO instruments, but with pastel green faces, were fitted from # 162. # 239 of 1967 was the trial boat for the 1968 series with a definitive bottom (a ''V'' of 10° at the transom and of 18° amidships). The starter button was protected by a rubber cap from # 612. It also had great success as a tender for large yachts. In 1972 it was replaced by the Rudy, of very similar design and slightly longer, but made of fibreglass.