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This model, also of Bertram derivation, had its interior redesigned with exposed wood finishing. The definitive model of the 1971 series differed from the prototypes in having a curved glass windscreen with a stainless steel frame and in being heavier (from 6100 lb to 6145 lb). Tank capacity was also increased, the fuel tank from 80 to 116 US gallons and the water tank from 20 to 29 gallons. The range was extended from 5.30 h to 6.45 h ant the speed increased from 39 to 41 mph. There were three instruments for each engine, of the same type of those on the 20'. The Momo wheel had a wood rim. New deflectors were fitted from # 84. Production was inexplicably ended in 1976 although there was still a market demand for this model.