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The Rudy was introduced in 1972 as a version in fibreglass, a revamping of the Junior with the hull lengthened to 5.87m. a beam of 2.18 m. powered by a 180hp Riva engine. # 1 was built wholly in wood as a model, from # 2 it was in fibreglass but kept the cockpit sole boards in wood, from # 11 on they were in fibreglass too. Only the grab rail and the tray behind the driving seat were kept in mahogany to give an extra touch of elegance to the lines of the Rudy. This was to be a very successful boat because of its versatility.

It was ideal for the family thanks to the deep cockpit and the safety in moving about on board, but it was also suitable for fishing, water skiing and as a tender. Her gelcoat was two-tone, cream-coloured for the deck and light grey for the sides. Production lasted until 1983, in the more powerful version the Rudy Super, with orange hull sides.