RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


The Special series started with # 503 in 1972, implementing a proposal made by Arch. Barilani in 1968 intended to modify the Aquarama's stern, making it more practical. The hull was lengthened with a more raked transom that incorporated both the bathing steps and a convenient bathing platform, anticipating a solution that is now used universally. The mahogany dashboard was enriched by eight VDO instruments, those redesigned in 1970 for the Riva-Bertrams. They had a black face without a chromed centre and a reflection-proof rim. The central instruments, three on the Aquarama's dashboard, now became two.

The Aquarama wheel was used in the first examples, quickly replaced by a similar, simplified one with a stainless steel plug engraved with ''Riva'' in the centre. Lever switches with a rubber cap replaced the push-pull ones. The stern light was changed from # 556 of 1973. The cabin ceiling was fully upholstered from # 593 of 1974. The dashboard was changed in 1977, starting from # 666: a new wheel of Momo manufacture designed by Barilani for the Riva-Bertrams, here with the white rim. New instruments with a grey face, with a total of ten dials and with two in the centre of the dashboard. The siren was replaced by an electric horn and the running lights, now fixed to the windscreen, were of Olympic type. The fuel filler caps were flush with the decking. From # 686 of 1978 the mooring bitts were of Super America type no longer torpedo-shaped and a counter was eliminated. Handles were fitted at stern as standard from # 696. The throttles were changed in 1979 and the switches were fitted with identification plates.

The last series had a total of five combined instruments of new design and a single instrument in the centre of the dashboard in place of the previous two.