RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


Introduced in 1969 to replace the Super Florida, with the same design concept as the Junior (the type can be defined as ''multi-purpose'', called ''utility'' in America). Thus a boat with many uses: as a tender or to take the whole family for an outing, for bathing or fishing, for water skiing or for hire. But a de-luxe boat. Created from a mature design, with refined details, it fought off the fibreglass competition with few modifications until 1979. The upholstery was turquoise and cream, with cream ribbing. The mahogany dashboard and VDO instruments underlined its continuity with the Super Florida. The windscreen and glass were of a new type starting from # 62. From # 147, in 1972, lever switches were fitted and the starter button was protected by a rubber cap. From # 150 the Olympic used the new type of VDO instruments, those designed for the fibreglass Rivas, and the simplified deep-centre wheel.

From # 194, the last of 1973, the upholstery was blue and cream Skai. From # 199 of 1974 there was a new design of sunbed and from # 205 there was wide-rib upholstery for cushions, backrests and side panels. The fuel filler cap was flush with the decking from # 240 of 1977. To conclude, the last versions of 1979 were fitted with new control levers and identification plates for the lever switches.