RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY | Amateur sports and cultural Association founded by Carlo Riva.


The 1971 model differs externally from the first ones, of Bertram origin, due to its different windscreen. The front window, in fact, is more convex and the design of the side windows is a triangle with an extended base and the apex no longer round. The fuel tank had less capacity than that of the 1970 boats, being reduced from 50 to 44 Us gallons, reducing the range from 7 to 6 hours but the speed increased from 40 mph to 42 mph.

The model of the outdrive leg, always by Volvo Penta, was changed on certain versions starting with # 72. The instrumentation consisted of three VDO dials, whose design was a development of those designed for the 1962 Aquarama. Redesigned in this way they were to be subsequently fitted to the Aquarama Special and the Olympic. The Barilani designed wheel, with three aluminium spokes, was of Momo manufacture.